Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka

WooWoo welcome to an exploration of new concepts & information in experimental spirit of the modern esoteric vanguard.

Simply put, WooWoo is our sacred domain.

The notion of Spirituality is as old as humanity itself, and yet Mind Body Spirit has become vaguely tolerable only in the last two decades. The world is witnessing a shift of seismic proportions, as we simultaneously step out of the dark ages while experiencing the birthing of a new consciousness. Although uncharted territory for us all, battle-weary and beleaguered, we are finally walking into the light. And yet, doesn’t this all feel kind of familiar? Experiencing any shamanic tendencies lately? Significant dreaming? Find yourself reading a bit of Eckhart Tolle? Or for the more hardcore esotericist, are you being drawn to Kryon like a safety pin to an electro-magnet? It’s ok, there’s a reason you’re reading this.

There is something profound and utterly significant going on right now, and arguably since 1987’s  Harmonic Convergence, the human being, and our planet, is shifting, graduating to higher states of consciousness. This is the most exciting thing to happen to humanity since our inception, and frankly, we really want to roll around in the hay on this one, because it doesn’t get any better than whats going on right now.


Sources of information for the specifics are abundant, and we highly recommend Kryon’s teaching for in-depth insight of the highest calibre and integrity. The WooWoo Press is here to Woo you in an alternative way, we’re hear to discuss the many relevant streams of new information, and what it means to live as a human being during The Shift, from a human point of view (WooWoo wink). For those of us that are actively seeking enlightenment, this is a portal to the potential possibilities we are learning to understand, and about our honest-to-goodness everyday experiences as we grapple with new concepts and multi-dimensional information.


We believe that enlightenment is our birthright. We also believe that humanity has the ability to expand outside of our 4D reality, and move into the 5th; a multi-dimensional existence. While there is a staggering amount of new esoteric information arriving to progress our spiritual growth, making sense of it all can be challenging at times. So we’re here to help digest this new information with you. The WooWoo Press is our meditation on mastery and our WooWoo promise is to ponder this stuff out loud, so you can hear us, and join in if you wish!

Forever Yours,

Vesna Milinkovic

Vesna Milinkovic is a practising Kriyaban* with a long-held interest in practical application of esoteric information, specifically in relation to the origin of human divinity and how this knowledge can be worked in today’s world, in order to awaken and empower the individual, and unify the collective.

Vesna is trained in The Reconnection as taught by Dr. Eric Pearl, and Pineal Toning as taught by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.

*Kriya Yoga meditation