Ever had that ‘Wish I’d know about this earlier!’ feeling? We get this all the time! So we’re compiling The WooWoo Garden of Pure Intent, things we find useful, interesting & inspirational… Have you got any seeds worth sowing in our WooWoo Garden?


You can read, or listen to what we at WooWoo feel to be the best esoteric information around. Check out Kryon’s free audio page, as only selected audio is featured on the channelling page.

The Twelve Layers of DNA

Described as An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within, this is the 12th book in the Kryon series and a definitive study of teaching with regard to our inner divinity.

The Lemurian Choir

Pineal Toning, remembered and structured by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, an esoteric sound system for activating the pineal gland and tearing down the veil.

The Buddha in the Garden

A fabulous blog devoted to Kriya Yoga, by Heidi Wyder.


Powerful nutrition is essential to our spiritual growth and longevity, we recommend growing & juicing your own Wheatgrass! Packed with everything your body needs, this is pure solar energy to heal the body, and flush out heavy metals.


100% of ARTHOUSE profits go to Meath Epilepsy charity. Fun product and an inspirational business concept. Here at WooWoo, we always have ARTHOUSE notepads handy for our Blue Sky thinking, and their gift cards are supercool!