Ideas for mining our personal Akash

…the 90% of our DNA that is quantum, and holds the record of our multiple lifetimes. This is not definitive by any means, consider this a prompt to inspire you. We’ve given an example of how to instruct our bodies, but use what feels good for you! Remember that it takes real time  for our bodies to produce new cells, so work on this regularly, and give this process a chance…

Asking our cells & our bodies:

Dear Spirit, dear cellular structure, go into my Akash and find the lifetime with the purest DNA, pull on this energy, and paste it on me now, so that I may live my life in optimal health and allow me to fulfil my highest purpose. I’ve worked hard for this, I deserve it!

Mining our Akash:

  • put in me what it is that I need, tell me what it is that I need to know
  • I give myself permission to remember who I really am, the divine in me”
  • reverse the ageing process, give me the cells to match those when I was a baby
  • the purest DNA of any lifetime lived
  • energy of the most joyful & positive lifetime
  • energy of the most spiritually accomplished
  • energy of optimal hormone balance
  • the DNA of the lifetime without ……….(e.g. cancer, Parkinsons, any illness or disease)
  • the lifetime where I am slim & healthy
  • the lifetime where I am the most accomplished ……….(e.g. writer, artist, actor, shamen, etc)
  • the lifetime where I had the best eyesight
  • and so on…

DNA Activation

We are born with DNA that is only 30% effective, yet we have the ability to raise our DNA’s effectiveness and potentially activating it to 100%. Ask your cells to activate all of your DNA, and ask your body what it is that you can do to assist this process. There are healers all over the world that have been assisting in DNA Activation for many years, however, the most powerful assistance will always be You instructing You !