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An Opportunity to Explore Healing and Expansion through DNA Activation Art

by Deborah DeLisi

Seven years ago I left the east coast and moved west with a scaled back version of my possessions and desire to do something “new and different” with my life. Upon arrival I had no place to live, no job and only a few acquaintances. In a week I found a place to live, and in a month I was freelancing as a senior designer at a Fortune 500 company. New friends became blessings in my life, and by the end of that year I was collaborating on my first piece of art with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and his Pineal Tones™.

A leap of faith can be a giant step in a new direction.

“Opening & Moving Through Portals”, Pineal Tone XIV by Deb DeLisi

When you believe in being creative (and everyone is) a funny thing happens. You manifest new experiences and doors begin to open. And that’s what happened. A friend gave me a Kryon book, which led me to go and hear Lee Carroll channel Kryon in person. That seminar happened to have a presenter named Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, whose blend of hard science and esoteric studies blew me away.

Soon after, I found my way to Mt. Shasta to one of Dr. Todd’s two-day seminars. Hearing the Pineal Tones™ for the first time opened another door that I walked through. It was a door to the past and the future. Something was very familiar in these sounds. And what made them even more interesting were the images of morphing energy I saw in my third eye. Each set of sounds created it’s own movie, and I was the audience.

All that would have remained a private vision if the seminar host hadn’t asked the attendees for feedback on what was experienced. They asked for words, descriptions or images, and I drew the pictures I saw and handed them in. Mind you, these were just simple sketches, little more than doodles. In fact, I thought everyone in the room had also drawn pictures to describe what they saw. I later found out I was one of a few that did so.

It’s the mission of an artist to express the worlds that exist outside what is seen.

It was a chance showing of a sketch to Dr. Todd that led to our long term collaboration. While mediating one morning at Motel 6 in Mt. Shasta, I saw a crazy shape appear. I asked myself, “what is that?” The answer: “It’s the shape of love, DNA and the universe.” What?! They were all the same vibration? I was surprised and showed it to Dr. Todd later that day at his seminar. I asked him if it was the shape of DNA. His answer was yes, and he said it was one of the best freehand renderings of it that he had seen. I was just happy I was not crazy.

And then Dr. Todd asked me if I’d consider creating a full color piece of art for the first Pineal Tone Level 1, for his powerpoint presentations. I said I thought I could, but in my heart I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to draw energy that moved. I took another leap of faith and started my first painting that was rooted in another dimension.

Believe in your inner visions and your outer world will change.

In my paintings of DNA Activation (the Pineal Tones), there are layers upon layers of light and color. Sometimes, over 200 layers in one image. Each has a relationship with the ones beneath and above it, working together to form one image that is viewed with the linear mind. What the linear mind doesn’t see is that the patterns within the art speak to us in the language and frequencies of sacred geometry, light and colour, all of which carry a song that resonates on the deepest level within. One might look at my art and see forms and shapes that seem to be ‘communicating something’, perhaps even feeling goose bumps that acknowledge a deep understanding is taking place. It sings a vibrational tune whether we’re looking at it or not. Rather than promising what a piece of art will do, I prefer that we look at each piece, interact with it’s energy, and decide which resonates most strongly with us.

With regard to the effect Pineal Toning has on us, Lee Carroll, author and channeler of Kryon, explains the tones’ physics and how it relates to the workings of DNA:

“According to Kryon humans typically operate on 4 of 12 strands of DNA, leaving 8 strands (higher dimensions) non-operational or blocked. The tones seem to be a catalyst for unblocking the filter(s) extending into the other 8 DNA strands. Through our intuitive observation we’ve learned that when a person can really ‘tune-in’ while toning or listening to these sounds they have a unique opportunity to observe patterns. These patterns integrate with your body, activating the circuitry of dormant strands/levels/layers of the DNA.”

The pineal is the biological part of us that is in contact with that which is vastly outside ourselves and deeply within ourselves: it connects the cosmos and our DNA. The toning sounds form vibrational patterns. This sacred geometry, the shapes that are the innate spatial order of the cosmos, integrates with the body and speaks to DNA. The DNA resonates with these patterns and activates circuits that have been dormant or blocked. I believe the eyes act as a membrane where light enters our brain in the form of shapes and colours we see. While the brain sees shapes and colours, the soul sees energy. There is an instant recognition and understanding that speaks to the light in our DNA and shifts our internal patterns into a more confluent and harmonious arrangement; a pattern that sings an internal song of cosmic efficiency and intelligence. The result is an awakening that builds on itself and increases over days, months and years.

One early experience I remember after toning all day at a Dr. Todd seminar, I was walking barefoot on a concrete patio, and everything I reached to touch gave me a shock. It’s rare that a concrete patio would be a great conductor of electricity, but for some reason, my body was running a strong electric current as a result of the tones.

“The Integration of Master Codes for Manifestation” Pineal Tone XII by Deb DeLisi

I know my DNA has changed since first ‘toning’ 10 years ago because I can feel it. My pineal gland ‘buzzes’, pulses and vibrates regularly, mostly at night, but during the day too. My intuition has increased, and so have synchronistic occurrences, also known as ‘coincidences’. Manifesting flows more smoothly, more rapidly, and life is more satisfying. I can feel and see energy more than before, and have seen more than a few ghosts as well (one can ask them not to visit). Visions and pictures show up more frequently when meditating. Sometimes I hear vibrational sounds when I’m in a quiet room, and answers to questions seem to get placed in my head when I least expect them. It’s also not unusual to think of someone distant and have them call moments later. Tuning in to the energy of others has become more natural, and leads to a feeling of wanting to be of help to them. The spiritual side of me has expanded and all the changes that I’ve noticed have been good ones and lead me to greater awareness of myself and others.

Happy Toning!

Deborah DeLisi

Deborah DeLisi is an artist and multi-dimensional symbologist who loves to elegantly weave science, physics, art and mathematics. She sees energy and illustrates it, particularly as it relates to sound. She has been working on the Art of Pineal Tones since early 2006, and has completed 21 of the 24 pieces in the series. She hopes to complete the series sometime this summer, and looks forward to what’s next. Deborah works & lives in the USA. Email Deborah at WooWoo thanks to Deborah for this wonderful guest article!

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