Anyone who knows me at all, knows I like a cuppa. I drink it like it’s going out of style, and yet that’s all come to an abrupt end just recently. For months on end I’ve been prodded and poked by my intuition to not only give up black tea once and for all, but to replace it with fresh mint (cleansing and enhances intuition). So insistent was the prodding that it reached fever-pitch, until I could no longer stand the nagging, and so I went cold turkey. Giving up tea was worse than giving up smoking (yes, I used to smoke many years ago, weird thought). Not one to suffer headaches or illness generally, for three days on the trot my head felt like it was going to implode. I felt totally pants, and utterly miserable. I took this to be a positive sign that clearly something was working its way out of my system. The more attention I pay to eating and drinking pure organic foods, the greater the feedback system when I do happen to ingest something that my body doesn’t approve of. We are increasingly being educated about the intelligence of our bodies, and it is fascinating to experience cellular feedback first hand when it comes to nutrition. It’s well understood that black tea has a significant caffeine concentration, a stimulant, enough to trigger head-thumping withdrawal symptoms when suddenly halting its ingestion, and yet I sense there is more to tea drinking than we may currently realise. I sense something in the energetic composition of black tea, like a velvet curtain smothering the third eye, thereby inhibiting our intuition, while binding our ankles together and rooting us very firmly to the earth. A wonderful tonic for clairvoyants who need a break, but not so great for those of us consciously working toward expanding our etheric abilities. Interestingly, while green tea also contains caffeine, it feels relatively clear energetically speaking, and has the potential to enhance our mood when combined with the appropriate flower essences such as Jasmine.

This is subtle stuff, and only detectable when the body is already sufficiently clear of other stimulants and toxins. I get the feeling that our English Breakfast national cuppa is not doing us any favours on the spiritual front, in fact I would go as far as to say that it messes with our clarity for intuitive visioning. It’s been a couple weeks now since going cold turkey, the headaches subsided on the fourth day. Not only am I no longer tempted by black tea, but the desire for our iconic beverage has inexplicably dropped away. I have more energy, greater mental focus and absolute clarity on day to day matters. It is entirely probable, given the unique nature of our being, that this particular peculiarity with regard to black tea will vary from person to person, as with any food or substance experience. However, it does go to show just how critical it is in this new energy that we listen closely to what our bodies are trying to tell us. As the energy shifts, so do our needs, and vice versa. It’s time to tune in to ourselves.