Guest Article

The private Kriyaban group space on Facebook was something that I had envisioned a long time ago. However, before the days of Facebook I had no concept of how such a thing could come to be. And in the end, I was not the one who brought this vision to life. But a spiritual sister did so at just the right moment.

As my partner* often says, “I am the most prolific” in the Kriyaban space! Perhaps simply for this reason and maybe because of our spiritual connection, the founder of the group asked me to become a co-administrator. So you could say that I am a kind of caretaker for this little Kriya bubble, hidden from all but the programmers and software techies behind the scenes at FB.

For those students of my Guruji Yoga Master Teacher Sri Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas, it is a space where we can share openly and frankly about whatever we like, related to our path, except personal experiences in practice which we are guided to always keep private. The path of a Kriyaban is a unique one in many ways and so when I was discussing with the founder of the group what we wanted to keep sacred, that was one of the things that came up; that it should be a safe space, away from “tourists” if you will, and prying eyes. We also wanted to encourage everyone to feel welcome and free to share, while avoiding it becoming a place for pointless “chicken and egg” type spiritual discussions. Rather, for it to be a source of inspiration to continue walking on our shared path, and for me at least, a place where the love for our tradition, the highs and not so highs of being a Kriyaban, could be freely expressed.

As with many ‘jobs’ in my life these days, I do not see my involvement with the Kriyaban group on FB as work at all. Even though, I suppose, sometimes it is. Just like being a Yoga teacher, I cannot see it as anything but a privilege. I get to interact with fellow Guru brothers and sisters (others who are also students of my Teacher, Guruji) who I might otherwise never get to know at all. This means a lot to me. Particularly because Guruji once said that it was important for me to get to know as many as possible. How strange, I only just remembered that!

The life of an active Kriyaban is always a juggling act. The nice thing about my involvement with the group is that the co-administrator simply steps in where I am not able to and vice versa. We stay in touch intermittently, while remaining very informal, flexible and organic. This is perfect for me because I am teaching more now, while running a fledgling new business, as well as managing my own website, blog, private clients and studying as an undergraduate.

In some ways, the Kriyaban group brings to light the reason for me being on Facebook. It took years of cajoling to get me on there. First off was the quiet yet persistent insistence from a senior Guru sister, family and friends, until I was finally nagged into submission! But actually in the end what convinced me was a quiet voice from within, reassuring me that I would be safe on FB and that it was important for me to join in. Two years down the line, I can understand why. Even Facebook can be a tool for growth and learning. I have definitely faced up to some karma through my interactions on there. And I have been guided to those I was destined to know. But the joy of meeting other souls, including my Soul Mate, who has been as blessed as I consider myself to be, in finding Guruji… well, that is the best thing of all.

(*My partner is also a Kriyaban)


Co-administrator of the Facebook Kriya Group