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Firstly, let’s move beyond spiritual platitudes, there’s enough out there already…

I have to warn you that I’m very much on a journey, and I sense it’s infinite nature. There is no-thing to learn, we are simply remembering what we already know. There is no ‘holier than thou’ anointed vacuum that any human being resides in, any pretence is at best an illusion, at worst a delusion. It is no coincidence that the most enlightened teachers are also the humblest, the ego in balance, and a grace beyond ordinary experience. Listening with the heart rather than the mind becomes easier with practice, the ability to discern what is appropriate for us – invaluable. The right information at the right time has the power to change the way we think, and ultimately, the actions we choose to take. This, is where the magic happens. To quote Lao-tzu “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

It’s easy to talk about the concept of moving beyond our limits, the very idea has become a 21st century sound-bite for change. Like any thing or idea that is over-used, we eventually become deaf to it. Instead, we are forced to be still… and listen, to that internal voice of discernment ~ “is this for me?”

Intuition tells me that there is “more”. I sense that we, as human beings, function at the default setting “OK”. And OK is just not OK anymore. I’ve always believed that with choice, we can flip that switch to something more appropriate and in greater alignment with who we really are. The question “Who Am I (Really)?” opens a Pandora’s box… there’s no putting the lid back on that one, when asked with an open heart, and pure intent.

Dreams have always been my main source of reliable information. In 2009, one particular dream has proven quite profound… I was shown the effects of vocal sound creation, in the context of ancient (pre-history) shamanic practice. At the time, my knowledge of sound healing was pretty thin, however, this dream was so specific and inspiring that it stayed with me until such time that I was able to connect the dots. In the meantime, I began experimenting with vocal sounds that I could remember from the dream, which result in a blissful harmonising effect on the mind, and a deep sense of relaxation.

Years passed, and my dream continued to resonate. I was listening out for any sign that would connect to the specific type of vocal sound creation that I had dreamt of. Earlier this year, I felt compelled to explore the work of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and The Lemurian Choir website after listening to Kryon, and there it was, a description of what appeared to be the vocal sounds from my dream. Described as Pineal Tones, it wasn’t until having actually experienced and practised Dr. Todd’s recalled Lemurian sequences at the April 2012 Brussels Rehearsal, that I truly realised how incredibly familiar they are. It’s difficult to explain the level of excitement at my discovery, and quite impossible to sit still, when what I really wanted to do was stand up and shout “Hey, I know this, I’ve done this before!”

Of course, I wasn’t the only one! The Brussels Rehearsal was full of others who also remember ~ a group representing 44 nations (including UK & Serbia), a profound event in it’s own right.

The reality is that not everyone can travel to the rehearsals, and so for the first time ever, I feel compelled to share information that has the potential for healing, rejuvenation and spiritual upliftment. We have created UK workshops, initially starting in York, facilitating Dr.Todd’s system of 24 Pineal Tones for those of you that would like to remember and benefit in this ancient & sacred system of sound, an unusual and rare opportunity to practice quantum communication with our DNA for profound personal empowerment.

Please keep a check on the Workshops! page for up-to-date information. In the meantime feel free to post any comments or questions in the reply box!

Until we meet again… Namaste.

Vesna Milinkovic

Live Long & Prosper!

A New Reality of Surrendered Grace by The Seer’s Wisdom

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