Buddha In The Grass by Picaflower

“I start hyper-ventillating and go into a panic!”

…was my friends description of her reaction while attempting to meditate. There is no quick solution, however, I was able to reassure her that this response while seeking to expand our spiritual awareness is not uncommon, and even has a name… The Fear of Enlightenment. This paradox appears to originate from two sources, neither mutually exclusive, both connected to past life memory. From an esoteric point of view, how many of us have some intuition of having been burned at the stake, stoned, drowned or cast out of our tribe because shamans & healers were once considered a threat to society (apart from when we healed others of course!)? Personally, mine was death by hanging, and suffered inexplicable responses to the mere mention of it as a child; the concept of being put to death has always intuitively been far too familiar for comfort. The older the soul, the greater variation of death scenarios we are likely to have experienced, and the greater the fear in real time of spiritual expansion. Recently, another friend wearily expressed how impossible it can be to find others that esoterically relate, and that the mere whiff of spiritual talk is likely to land one in the Cukoo nest.

Having said that, things have moved significantly in the last decade, yet we’re scratching the surface in terms of genuine broad acceptance in society of the possibility that there is more to life than hand-bags and getting smashed. We may have a few more generations to go before our multi-dimensional normal becomes the normal.

The second, more esoteric notion of fear in connection with enlightenment… (buckle up) …is the realization that we are the fifth manifestation of humanity, and not the first (I know, it’s a stretch, but hang in there). Legends such as the fall of Atlantis point to a greater possible truth… that humanity was repeatedly deleted until Gaia got the balance right, i.e. our moral fibre catches up with our technological achievement. Predictions such as Nostradamus and Revelation, have heeded the end of humanity by 2012. Interesting then that Nostradamus should be proved wrong on this occasion, or has he? The more likely scenario, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, is the dualistic nature of our potential 2012 reality… there were always two possible outcomes: we’d either kill ourselves yet again (yawn) or we would ‘pass the marker’ as Kryon puts it, and graduate to a heightened state of consciousness (aka The Shift). If the former were true, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, so we can assume we have done just enough moral growth to pass Gaia’s stringent acceptance as keepers of her sacred body. Advancements in human consciousness appears to bring with it a collective residual memory association with death. This may explain the recent increase in disaster scenarios all over our film & media (another yawn, can we move on please?).

No, we’re not going to die.

But there is a strong possibility that we are becoming nicer to one another (I know, out-there concept, but try it on for size). When it comes to meditation, spiritual seeking, or any form of esoteric healing practice, fear may raise its stupid head, and so there is only one WooWoo mantra we need in this moment… f*** it, and do it anyway.