How would you like optimal hormone balance? We’ve discovered it’s not rocket science, just some practical application of all that we’ve learned so far…

"Beauty in Balance" by Picaflower

“Beauty in Balance” by Picaflower

Quite often it takes a multi-facteted approach, and balancing hormones certainly requires a holistic attitude. To make it easy, here’s our WooWoo list!

Attitude: Intuition

Message: Starflower Oil

Ask your body what it needs, then listen. Don’t expect the answer immediately as it will usually arrive at the weirdest time. I had no idea about Starflower Oil, and yet this very clear message arrived one day like a silent internal whisper of absolute certainty, that this ingredient is one potential solution. Starflower Oil is in fact a natural remedy for balancing hormones, and quite potent as it turns out; within 2 weeks, skin problems began to clear and I could sense a positive shift in my hormones. After around 6 months, I intuitvely sensed that it was time to ease off as other aspects of my approach began to kick in, and so far, I’ve not needed to go back to Starflower Oil.

Attitude: Alternative Medicine

Message: Acupuncture

I’m fortunate in that I discovered early on that acupuncture works very well for me, yet I would encourage trying different healing modalities given that we are all unique, and therefore will respond accordingly. Many years ago, a course of acupuncture completely healed me of chronic repeating tonsillitis (from childhood); I sought alternative help in acupuncture when my GP threatened to remove me from my tonsils!

More recently, I sought the skill of York-based acupuncturist Alex Lochhead, who is literally peeling away layers of disfunction, allowing my body to heal itself permanently. I’ll write more about Alex’s work in future articles. Find a practitioner that feels right for you, trust your gut, there are many incredibly gifted healers on our doorsteps.

Attitude: Esoteric Tool Kit

Message: Mining Our Akash

Our Akash page gives guidance on this advanced esoteric approach to healing; ultimately, addressing our bodies and our DNA is the most powerful form of healing we are ever likely to experience, but it takes belief in the intelligent complexity and completeness of our bodies, and a certain amount of perseverance (since we are still running the 4D reality program, at least for the time being, repeating instruction to our bodies builds a powerful magnetic charge that re-affirms our command as masters of our fate). Try this;

Dear Spirit, dear cellular structure, go into my Akash and find the lifetime with optimally balanced hormones, pull on this energy, and paste it on me now, so that I may live my life in optimal health and allow me to fulfil my highest purpose. I’ve worked hard for this, I deserve it!

And finally…

After over 30 years of putting up with hormonal imbalances, I learned to ask my body for what it needs, and pay attention to it’s response, with beautiful results. Taking an holistic and balanced approach to our healing & spiritual growth allows us to walk the journey at a pace that we are truly comfortable with; aspects that we are ready for will stick, and those that we are not ready for (or have outgrown) will fall away with grace. Alternative energy healing, be it acupuncture, homeopathy or any other, is an incredibly powerful bridge to our subconscious, as we gradually prepare our minds and spirits to the possibility that we have the power within us to achieve everything and anything that is required… isn’t this what great teachers such as Buddha have been trying to tell us all along?


Mining Our Akash