Important astrological events are occurring and we’re keen to stay on it’s pulse. WooWoo loves world astrologer & shaman Michelle Karen. We met Michelle recently in Brussels at The Lemurian Choir Rehearsal where we received in-depth 2012 astrological overviews, and so we introduce aspects of Michelle’s astrology to guide us over the coming weeks…

Photo by Lareflexiondelamode


We started truly remembering where we are coming from, our real roots, our lineage, the lands we have walked on, the civilizations we have been initiated in, who our star family members are. Our telepathic abilities started reawakening causing blurry vision as we are adapting to 5th dimensional light. We could still be experiencing the feeling that during our waking hours we are walking in a dream, while at night, our visions seem more real than reality. 


Although more a commercial event than a cosmic occurrence, it is very synchronistic that many countries should be honoring Mothers on this day. Of course, our true Mother is Gaia, Mother Earth, Nature, the one divine being who always nurtures us and loves us unconditionally. Women become mothers when they give birth. It was about honoring our capacity to birth new ideas, a new society, a new world into being. The divine feminine offers love. The divine masculine gives us freedom. The balance of both leads to new creations.

MAY 14th, VENUS RETROGRADE in GEMINI (23º59′- 7º29′)

The shadow period (period during which, although direct, Venus will need to return to the exact degree it started its retrograde motion on) will last until July 31st. A chance to revisit a love that we thought was lost, to mend what went wrong and to transform our attitudes towards one whom we cherish. We never change anyone, but because we are all connected and that nothing that is outside of us does not come from within us, as we change ourselves, the world and the people around us transform also. We are asked to rethink our relationships, talk about them in a positive way, shift instinctive patterns of behavior that we were conditioned to adopt but that were not necessarily our truth. Greater chances of professional and financial advancement are offered to us. We are reaching deeper levels of emotional and spiritual consciousness. Not the best time to get married nor to leave a relationship. But wonderful for reconnecting with a lover from the past whom we still feel a profound soul link to. A sudden, unexpected attraction is not unlikely that leads to great passion and an understanding that true love is of the heart, the body, the mind and the spirit.


Drastic and irreversible changes are likely to occur in an area of our lives that needed revamping. Even though at first events may seem destructive, they will lead to a rebirth which will make us feel like we’re literally waking up from a long dark night of the soul. Our vision of ourselves, our lives, our world will dramatically expand. Our objectives and goals will also change. We could more clearly see the darkness within and without, that needs to be transmuted. Things that seemed important, may not appear so significant anymore, while other priorities will emerge. There is a strong drive to take constructive action towards our dreams and become the masters of our own destiny. Our courage is intensified, so are our willpower and our charisma.  Forces emerging from our subconscious, give us a chance to transmute emotions and clear karmic residues that no longer serve us.


It will become important to discern spiritual truth from illusions, false prophets from real teachers. We may evade/transform the responsibilities of ordinary life by dreaming a new reality into being. Old conditions, outmoded friendships are clearly coming to a sudden, irrevocable end. However severe the changes in our life circumstances are, we need to welcome them  with a profound attitude of reverence and spiritual detachment. A whole new set of circumstances will emerge in our lives giving us greater strength and wisdom, as well as a deeper understanding of the nature of good and evil. We could become crusaders for the reform of corruption and oppression both on an individual and collective level. 

JUNE 5th, VENUS TRANSIT (16º Gemini)

This cosmic event only happens once a century in groups of 2 separated by 8 years. Venus is traveling between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow on the great luminary. The other part of the pair occurred in June 2004. The next Venus transit will happen in December 2117! This will mark a time of massive awakening of love on this beautiful planet. We shall individually and collectively not just remember but know deeply how all interconnected we are as in the consciousness expressed by Ubuntu (“I am because we are”). A MAJOR love portal will reopen, flooding our hearts with gratitude and our lives with blessings. The love we shall experience will help us transform effortlessly old patterns and dissolve stories that do not help us further our true destiny. There could be sudden changes of residence. We could separate from family members who are not like spirited. We could unexpectedly move to another state/country.  Financial abundance will increase for all of us who have led our lives in alignment with our hearts and our truth. Our knowingness expands, as does our spiritual awareness. What was in the shadow will reveal itself in a blinding light allowing us to make educated choices for our future.

JUNE 11th, JUPITER ENTERS GEMINI (until June 27, 2013)

During this next year, the masses will start demanding good news, inspiring stories, movies that touch our hearts. The feeling of gratitude and blessings will be overwhelming. We shall need deep answers to our questions. It will be easier than usual to X-ray situations and people. There will be a need to go to the bottom of what is really going on in the world. Corruptions, lies, facades will be exposed and abolished. What is not will self-destruct, allowing the truth of what is in alignment with the divine to emerge more victorious than ever. Our nervous systems could be challenged. Our bodies may feel more tense than usual. It may be more difficult to rest and recuperate, as deep changes are happening through our physicality. We shall feel more inclined to share, cooperate, exchange and generally support each other in positive ways. Breaking ground information will emerge during this period that will force us to significantly revise our perceptions of the history of mankind. 

On each of those dates, I strongly recommend doing some kind of ceremony for yourselves or in a group of like-spirited friends.