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You’ll never believe what’s just arrived…” was the call I received from my better half, while in the middle of posting our new workshop dates for Ancient Harmonic Pineal Toning, “a tuning fork!

That was a moment… I mean what are the chances? So completely random an event, and so synchronicity strikes (excuse the pun) in the most amazing and wonderful way! I discovered that tuning forks are used for their very pure resonant sound… what a brilliant metaphor for the sacred practice of Pineal Toning. Even the U shape of the fork, which is fundamental to its purpose, is a mirror of the ‘U’ vowel so heavily utilised in the toning sequences developed by Dr. Todd. As if this incredible synchronicity isn’t enough, the tuning fork is set to 440Hz, and 44 is the number of countries represented at the recent Brussels Rehearsal for Pineal Toning. It is also a master number that we have noted to be very much associated with our current work & lives at WooWoo, we have been seeing multiple 4’s everywhere since 2009; those of you getting 11:11 on your clocks will know what we are talking about. As for the strap line that arrived with our shiny new tuning fork (which works by the way), we love it so much that we have adopted it for our workshops!

Looking for perfect harmony?

I should coco.