What is Toning?

Anyone can tone!

It doesn’t require singing talent (phew!), only the pure sound of vibrating breath.

A powerful & uber-ancient technique accessible to everyone regardless of vocal ability. Toning synchronizes the brainwaves; we can experience the healing effects of sound on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, by literally massaging body and mind from the inside out. We create extended vocal sound by focusing our breath on a single vowel, of which the vibration resonates throughout the body. In contrast to pitch, vowels hold the true power of toning; each vowel is experienced as unique energy, emotion and effect.

Meditative toning can help us release negative emotions, reduce stress and improve concentration, by restoring balance & harmony to mind, body & spirit. Toning awakens our sense of self, while aligning us to the deepest vibrations of soul; our higher selves.

We now understand that everything in the universe is simply vibration. Specific tones, overtones and sequences may therefore directly tap into a deeper level of our quantum reality. Tibetan chants and the mantras of Transcendental Mediation are already recognised for their inherent ability to recharge the body with sound, while creating a state of agelessness & rejuvenation in its practitioners.

What is Pineal Toning?

Since 2001, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys began the process of remembering an ancient and sacred practice of toning that activates the pineal gland to create profoundly expansive experiences, with an intuitive understanding of their impact on life extension & enhanced well being. Dr. Todd’s remembrance & development of the 24 pineal tones is modelled on the ancient Lemurian system which utilises vibratory resonance for healing, rejuvenation and opening the inner perceptual pathways for intuition enhancement, thereby tapping in to otherwise dormant abilities of mind & body.

Pineal ToningTM is an advanced & esoteric system that produces profound states of mental stillness and allows for the expansion of our subtler states of awareness. According to Kryon, the Pineal Tones create a quantum field for health and extended life, by activating the coherence of the pineal gland, which thus serves as a quantum transmitter.

These ancient Lemurian tones are believed to create light when vocalised, and with the understanding that light is quantum, these specific tones potentially interact with the quantum aspects of our DNA field for our physical & spiritual upliftment.

“So I want to tell you what you are really looking at metaphorically: You’re looking at a rainbow with infinite colors you cannot imagine, that only the quantum sight of God can see it fully. When you involve yourself with intent for the handshake that is there, in communication with these quantum noises and sounds and rhythms, you are awaking your remembrance within your own quantum DNA. Eventually this remembrance will flood through the very fabric of the quantum parts of your body, and the Lemurian in you will be reawakened.” Kryon, San Diego 2010

Our Workshop Embryo!

In 2009 I experienced a profound dream whereby I witnessed myself as a shaman during an unrecognisable ancient period, using very specific tonal sounds and movements, to awaken my fellow tribesmen. It’s not you’re everyday experience, I know, and so the memory of this extraordinary dream stayed with me. So specific were the tones in my dream, that I was able to replicate them, and began experimenting quietly to myself while in the bath tub! Unaware of Dr.Todd’s work at that time, I kept my eyes & ears open for any sign of a technique that resembled that from my shamanic dream.

Months and years passed, and nothing really caught my attention, until earlier this year while researching Dr. Todd’s work. I checked out The Lemurian Choir website after listening to Kryon, and there it was, a description of what appeared to be the tones from my dream. It wasn’t until having experienced the tones at the Brussels Rehearsal, that I realised that some of the tones were incredibly familiar to me. It’s difficult to explain the level of excitement at my discovery, it was quite difficult to stay still, when what I really wanted to do was stand up and shout “hey, I know this, I’ve done this before!”

Of course, I wasn’t the only one! The Brussels Rehearsal was full of others who also remember, and like a magnet, we arrived exactly on time! How profound.

And so here we are, you’ve made it to The WooWoo Press… to this page… and to the bottom of this page, and you’re still reading! How cool is that?

The reality is that not everyone can travel to the rehearsals, given that they take place outside of the UK, and so we have created UK workshops, initially starting in York, for Dr.Todd’s system of 24 Pineal Tones for those of you that would like to remember this ancient & sacred system of sound. Please keep a check on the Workshops! page, for up-to-date information, if you would like to initially register for the Introductory Talk, where I will fill you in on the details. In the meantime please feel free to post any questions or comments in the reply box!

I’m very much looking forward to creating our own reunion, right here in the UK.

Until we meet again… Namaste


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