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The Nebra Sky Disc, 1600 BC, unexpectedly stumbled across recently…

the star cluster, top right, is considered to represent the Pleiades open star cluster, also known as The Seven Sisters. A German-found object studded with Cornish gold… and compelling energy! It would seem that our Earth’s indigenous peoples, from the Hawaiian elders to the Aborigines, point to the Pleiades as our spiritual and ancestral home, and yet isn’t it interesting how this amazing clue to our divinity is blanked by social, cultural and religious convention? I can’t help pondering just how many of us intuitively sense there is more to the human being than we have been taught? I certainly know that I’ve suspected from a very early age that our DNA isn’t completely of this soil. And isn’t it funny how there exists only one species of human today, when life is all about diversity… where did all the other human types go? Kryon describes humanity as “the new kids on the block” in the broader context of our universe, and doesn’t that just ring true when we consider our attitudes toward our Earth, toward one another, and to life itself? We have some way to go before we globally acknowledge the sacred nature of life, and act upon this acknowledgement. And yet I remain optimistic, we are in the middle of  The Shift, a new consciousness is beginning to make it’s presence felt all over our world; a first, in the history of our particular type of human.

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