Who are our guides? Exactly what constitutes our spiritual & quantum armoury?

I’m playing catch-up after dancing with my DNA in Brussels recently, and finally got around to listening to Kryon’s final part of his recent Philadelphia channel last night. Isn’t it interesting, just how much we actually suspect, how much we intuit, but never dare give credence to? It just goes to show that trusting our own intuition is as much part of our awakening process as any other. I digress.

Just recently, I began to suspect that my maternal grandmother is… how do I put this… hanging around. Sorry Baba, it’s the best I could come up with! My suspicions were aroused while working; I made a positive selection on an item I would have ordinarily glossed over. And you know, I absolutely knew it was my grandmothers choice! So I went with it, and am fascinated to see how this particular choice plays out. The point is, her presence was made when it connected to an area in which she happened to have great experience, and passion. Of all my grandparents, my maternal grandmother was the one I had the deepest connection with, even though we lived in different countries our whole lives. It’s not like I hadn’t been told that this was a potential outcome, a reliable clairvoyant had, some years ago, informed me that my grandmother would become my key guide after her passing. However, its one thing to accept such information, and another to actually experience this first-hand.

And so I was in my work-flow, and it happened; Baba gave me her wisdom, she drew my attention to something she was very attracted to, that I wouldn’t ordinarily have chosen. At the time, it really made me smile, “so there you are” I thought.

So, where is there?

Good question.

Pondering such esoteric stuff is old news for me, having lost my dad rapidly to a brain tumour in ’84, I’ve had time to consider where he may have gone. Well, clearly not very far, he’s generally been pretty good at letting me know he’s still around. Music usually. Playing guitar for fun, my dad was a big fan of John Williams. John would pop up more often than you would believe. Eventually I caved in and downloaded the best of, I got the hint.

I imagined my dad to be this kind of ethereal Obi-Wan Kenobi following me around, and yet… intuitively I would feel him, let’s say, in my space, my energy.

Intellectually speaking, I imagined my dad to be this kind of ethereal Obi-Wan Kenobi following me around, and yet… intuitively I would feel him, let’s say, in my space, my energy. I even went to a few footy matches at one point to quench his thirst for the beautiful game, and I’m no lover of football. So listening to Kryon’s Phili channel last night was genuinely enlightening, as I absorbed relatively new information on how those who’s time it is to leave their corporeal self, simultaneously deposit parts of their energy into their kids. You can imagine, that was a bit of an a-ha moment for me. So, in some complex quantum system of which the human brain can only fantasize about grappling with, those individuals that we form connections with ultimately stay with us as an energy meld. Imagine the implications of this for a second, because these individuals are also melded with their parents and grandparents, so we’re building a picture here of a chain of ancestral energy that merges with us, available to us, should we acknowledge their extraordinary presence. As Kryon rightly pointed out, we get some profound insight into why ancestral worship and honouring was so ingrained in the culture of our Earth’s indigenous. Our family remain with us, guiding us, if we allow them to. Simply put, we are our ancestors.

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