Integrating Dr. Todd Ovokaitys’ Pineal Tone activations from the Brussels weekend has taken me over a week. Forty-four countries were represented during the weekend of April 21/22 (some potent numbers for the numerologists out there), culminating in the most profound experience on the second day, when even the lighting in the Metropole Hotel unexpectedly responded with a spectacular flickering light show! So, what I really wanted to know…

Were the tones what I had been expecting?


Did the tones sound familiar?

Yes. Some were completely familiar, others less so.

Is Pineal Toning an awakening system as previously thought?

Yes, and so much more.

These are ancient harmonics.

By activating the pineal gland, we activate the master cell in the pineal, which thus communicates to every other cell in the body. Dr.Todd likens pineal activation to the thousand-petal lotus and the opening of the crown chakra. Sound, i.e. the correct tones, when used properly, can be used to tear down the veil.

The DNA Harmonics weekend offered many new realisations and extraordinary experiences, including being present in a group that has in some way contributed to Dr.Todd’s live fine-tuning of the 24th and last tone. I feel that we were all very aware of a new history in the making, where science and esoterics are at last beginning to merge.

If tearing down the veil is your passion, then stay posted, there’s lots more info to come, as well as many personal observations along the way. In the mean time, you can check out more information about Dr. Todd’s work, and Pineal Toning at the link below.

The Lemurian Choir