Is meditation a signal to our body to speed up our spiritual evolution?

This may be an obvious question, but we’ve been pondering this one for a while now. Kriya Yoga employs a precise method of meditation, so much so, that advanced Kriya Yogis hold that this particular method is a science; if the correct method is followed and practiced accurately, there is an expected and certain outcome. Free will is critical to the spiritual path; its really simple, we have to take action for any form of positive change to take place. Wishing for change doesn’t cut it. More to the point, when we sit crossed-legged, straight backed, and work through our meditation practice, what exactly is it that we are doing? Is it possible that specific systems of meditation are in fact a multi-dimensional language to the quantum aspects of our body? A language signalling to the quantum soup that we are actively yanking our spiritual consciousness up by the bootstraps?

We don’t know the answer.

But we’re getting the feeling that the spiritual practice of meditation, which has unfortunately been painted as a fluffy pursuit by western standards, is actually a hardcore discipline of learning the most complex language we will ever participate in, a language that fundamentally & profoundly shifts our bio-magnetic quantum field, with the potential of learning to communicate with everything in existence, the quantum soup of our universe? Is this, among other things, what we are actually practicing for?

What WooWoo are you thinking right now?