We are at last remembering who we are, and the validations just keep coming.
I dreamed an ancient culture, of which I belonged to; I was a dark-skinned shaman using self-created sound to awaken my fellow tribes people. It triggered a very old memory of the profound healing ability of human sound. This concept was relatively new to me at the time of the dream, but I started experimenting with my new memories in the bathtub (random I know, but super-chilled). The realisation dawned on  me that there was something to my dream, given that I could feel my brain waves shifting into a progressively transcendental state as I experimented with resonant vocal sounds.
That was a few years ago, and I didn’t pursue this information any further, other than paying attention to news on the use of sound, or healers working with sound. But nothing really dinged my dong until I decided to read up on Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a scientist identified as Yawee by Kryon. For those of you not so familiar with Kryon’s material, Yawee was a living legend among his own ancient people, the Lemurians, for his profound healing & rejuvenation abilities. I was already aware that Dr.Todd is currently a leading medical scientist, and yet until very recently I was oblivious to his work on developing Pineal Toning, an advanced esoteric system allowing the expansion of subtler states of awareness by activating the pineal gland. The pineal then serves as a quantum transmitter, allowing for health optimisation and extended life…

“Esoterically, it is believed that the tonalities have an inter-dimensional overtone structure that creates light within your DNA field and a patterning which can be seen by a quantum engine. This is correct, and is the definition that Yawee is aware of.”

Kryon, San Diego 2010

Dr. Todd is teaching his system of Pineal Toning in Brussels this coming weekend, and we’ll be there re-membering! Watch for the WooWoo update on how we get on.

Gratitude for reading The WooWoo Press!