Yes, we are still talking to our cells, just in case you were wondering. It’s becoming part of our daily routine, and we’re sharing with you the most powerful intents for Self Mastery. In the Spirit of our Star Blogs, how about naturally-felt happiness, joy & pure bliss? Addressing our cells goes something like this;

Dear Spirit, dear cellular structure, go into my Akash and find the lifetime with the most positive energy, the happiest & most joyful, pull upon this energy, and paste it on me now, so that I may live my life in bliss, no matter what is going on around me. I’ve worked hard for this, I deserve it!

We prefer using the term other lifetimes (in contrast to past lives) for the simple reason that our Universe operates in the now. It is only our 4D reality where time has any relevance, and so all our multiple lifetimes are now, with us, and available. DNA holds our very own library of lifetime upon lifetime of skills & experiences; welcome to communicating with our personal Akashic Record. Nothing happens unless we specifically request the changes we wish to make of ourselves, it’s called free will, it’s a muscle, exercise it !

Gratitude for reading The WooWoo Press!

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