Ever had the feeling you’re connected to someone you don’t really know that well?

It’s beginning to dawn on us here at WooWoo that it might not be that unusual, in fact, it might be our reality. Could we be pondering Quantum Entanglement?

A few years ago, and out of the blue, I began dreaming about Al, a guy I knew that I hadn’t seen for many years, but that I’d kind of grown up with. I never really had gotten to know him that well, but our folks were mutual friends and so we gravitated in the same circles throughout childhood.

The dreams became more frequent, what started as the odd dream every couple months, became every month, then every week, until finally I was dreaming this guy every other day. Honestly speaking, I was getting a little freaked. The thing is, these dreams weren’t great, I would dream Al in some kind of increasing distress and anxiety, it felt like he was worrying about something quite serious. The first thing that crossed my mind was the obvious, is he ok? With no way of getting in touch directly, I asked my family if there was any news on Al. I kept on asking as the dreams became more intense, but the same reassurance came back, Al and family are all ok. The dreams kept coming, and I knew that I had to let this one play out, so I stopped worrying, and just accepted that something was a foot, and that I would find out when the time was right.

Only a matter of a week or two after strong assurances from my family that all was good, I received a text that Al’s mum had passed away from cancer, and that their family had chosen to keep her illness very quiet. Talk about mixed feelings, I was perplexed! And sad. Al’s mum was a good soul, a quiet lady, I always liked her. I consoled myself with the idea that at least the dreams would stop. Are you ready for this? It gets weirder…

Entangled, Kate MacDowell

…so I contemplated whether I should contact Al, which really would have been weird after almost a decade. And then… I dreamt his mum. But only once. She told me that he wasn’t ready. I pondered this for months. What did she mean he wasn’t ready?

That was over four years ago. I still dream Al, I dreamt him again last night, which is what prompted this peculiar blog. However, now I dream Al every few weeks or so, and ever since his mum passed, with each progressing dream Al seems happier, and in a better place. For some reason, I receive quantum messaging on Al’s emotional progress. I came to the conclusion that his mum’s advice was a friendly warning: some people just aren’t ready to open themselves up to the possibility that there is more going on than meets the eye. It probably would have freaked him out, and who could blame him? Its out of purview of our norm, right? It took a few years before Al would acknowledge me in the dreams. Recently, and cautiously, he began chatting to me. Conversation doesn’t last long, but I have noticed his countenance is remarkably different, he’s calmer, and happier within himself. I wonder at times whether my quantum updates are making me the default witness to his awakening? Death does that sometimes, it wakes us up.

Buddhism speaks of our world as a single bead on a infinite string of pearls. Esoterically speaking, we are informed that our galaxy is connected to all the other galaxies in our universe by an inter-dimensional energy or string that flows through the centre of each galaxy, through that we call the (misunderstood) black hole: that twin energy of our black hole may well exist in every living particle of our being: imagine, every living thing connected, thats a lot of very entangled string. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that Spirit is a multi-tasker, there’s always a super-faceted reason to events, and its not beyond the scope of possibility that my quantum messages from Al are teaching me, in an experiential way, just how connected, how entangled we really are.

As for Al, well, we were supposed to go for a (zero alcohol) beer, but I couldn’t find my wallet! And then I woke up.

Graititude for reading The WooWoo Press! 

Whether in dream state or waking life, have you experienced any WooWoo lately?