How about pure DNA? At least the purest DNA of any lifetime lived?

Imagine the most stunningly beautiful vessel is placed before you.

This vessel contains every and any change you wish to make to and for yourself.

The only instruction is that you must reach into the vessel regularly for the changes you wish to make. Pretty cool.

Now, this vessel of beauty before you suddenly appears to vanish into thin air! You’re promised that this vessel is still with you, will always be with you, it follows you around wherever you go, even into the shower!

The new instruction is simple, instead of reaching into the vessel with your hand, reach with your voice & your mind, ask the vessel regularly for the changes you wish to make.

The  vessel of beauty is our Akash, carried by our DNA (the 90% that is quantum).


A starter for ten goes like this;

Dear Spirit, dear cellular structure, go into my Akash and find the lifetime with the purest DNA, pull on this energy, and paste it on me now, so that I may live my life in optimal health and allow me to fulfil my highest purpose. I worked hard for this, I deserve it!


This regular instruction to our cells, our bodies, could short-circuit current health issues, as well as potential problems we may be disposed to in the future. We are being given the tools and the directive in this new energy, to heal ourselves, and much much more. Our bodies wait patiently, while we pluck up the courage to ask for change.


Our gratitude for reading WooWoo!

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