Thank you & hello!

To all our fellow bloggers that have responded to The WooWoo Press in its first week of life, and we’re amazed at your generosity of Spirit! We’re up & running, our esoteric tone is tuned. Proposed concepts on WooWoo are advanced, this is information on how to begin working with the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves, so don’t be freaked out; we’ve been studying this stuff for many years, we know it’s a lot to bend your brain with.

We’re also aware of the Lightworkers to whom this stuff is normal (?), can we just say, we love you! Sincerely, you’re changing our world to a place we have only dreamed of for thousands of years. Lightworkers, don’t be a stranger, get in touch! The WooWoo Press is for everyone that takes their spiritual growth seriously. Due to the lack of interactive blogs on this hallowed subject of multi-dimensional transformation, we decided to do it for ourselves, and so all your comments are very welcome, encouraged, and gratefully received.

The WooWoo Press would also like to give the most soulful gratitude to Kryon & Lee Carroll, from whom we have learned & learned and keep on learning, thank you for your profound teaching, and may it long continue. Namaste.

The WooWoo Press