There are those of us that experience flashbacks and dreams of other lifetimes, or have strong intuition that we’ve been here many times before. This is nothing new, the concept of other lives has floated through our mythology like a seed on the breeze, never quite landing long enough to take root in our collective conscious, and yet it rings a bell, doesn’t it? How many of us have increasing awareness, memories flooding back, especially in the last few years? My intuition tells me that this phenomena is on an exponential upward curve, an event happening to more of us, more frequently than ever before.

What I find fascinating is the multi-faceted meaning in all of this, while remaining very aware that we’re only scratching the surface. For example, validations arrive for certain insights, and the timing of those validations are startling; they tend to happen while learning something new.

Therefore, synchronicity is operating in the most elegant and enigmatic way. Why do I get the sense that our Universe… Spirit, deliberately dangles carrots before us, as an incentive to solve Life’s riddles? Am I the only one that feels this way?

I’m absolutely positive I’m not alone. Believing that we have a history, lets say, of other lifetimes, is an important psychological step; if we believe we have, then we are more likely to act on our beliefs. But what possible use can come of knowing and believing we have been here many times before? How about the profundity of a personal library of everything we have ever experienced and learned. Not only that, but a record of every DNA patterning we have ever lived through. When we seek self-development books & DVD’s, we source them via our technology and our local stores. Yet, we are being given esoteric information that a significant proportion of what we seek is already coded into our DNA, our Akash, which stores the totality of our Earthly experiences, and that we can access this information to heal our bodies, extend our lifespans and remember skills learned in previous lives. Can you imagine activating the knowledge of many lifetimes, possibly hundreds? This is the stuff of mastery.


Consider the possibilities.