Here at WooWoo, we talk to our DNA. I know, but stay with us. We are fully embracing the relatively new information that our DNA, our cells, and therefore our very selves, are multi-dimensional.

'DNA is a quantum partnership'

There’s a certain irony to the long-standing belief that talking to oneself is a bit la-la, kind of WooWoo, and likely to get us strapped in and carted off to the local loony bin. Well, that’s all changing. How about the concept that a significant proportion of our being exists outside of our 3D reality? This may explain why scientists can only assign use for 3% of our DNA, the rest is a conundrum. Or is the rest quantum? It is becoming apparent that our bodies know what we need far better than our conscious minds ever can, Kinesiology for example, is already working with this concept. The theory goes that our DNA is only 30% active, but that we can increase our DNA’s effectiveness by willing it into action. How do we do this? Well, we must address our DNA directly, and inform our cells that we’re now taking control of our own rudder. Not only can we steer ourselves to optimal health, but we can encourage our cells to rejuvenate, and extend our lifespans by quite some considerable margin. For the first time in human history, we are being given the tools and the directive to step into our mastery, with the understanding that our DNA is supremely intelligent, multi-dimensional and responsive to our conscious steering.

We have made the commitment at WooWoo to actively & daily engage in DNA steering, and as the days, weeks, months & years go by, we will report our progress. Of course we would love to receive feedback from those of you that are actively talking to your cells too.

For more information & teachings on this subject, check out Kryon’s The 12 Layers Of DNA