We discovered this enlightening list of Life Lessons recently. Most of these are intuitive, yet Life Lesson is different from personal karma (which can be voided, see Void Your Karma), Life Lessons only perpetuate until we find our solution to which ever of these are relevant to us, and we thankfully carry this learning over to future lifetimes. Basically, we only have to learn these once. Phew!

Learn to…

  • love
  • listen
  • receive
  • love yourself
  • speak your truth
  • how not to be a victim
  • not let anyone define you
  • feel your own mastery (A WooWoo favourite!)
  • live with other Humans
  • get out of blaming others
  • move out of duality (drop your karma) (Another WooWoo favourite!)
  • take care of yourself more than others
  • that you deserve to be here, and are not dirty when you are born

These only apply to us if we feel that they do, this is an outline list of the most common lessons humanity is dealing with. If you’ve nailed them all, you get a halo (kidding).

From Kryon’s The 12 Layers Of DNA