There is a difference between Karma and Life Lessons, did you know that? It seems obvious now, but honestly, the cause of much confusion and misunderstanding previous to this discovery just very recently.

A few years ago, I came across the information that we can void our personal karma, a relatively new tool in our esoteric armoury. I found the concept of dropping karma really exciting, on the basis that I intuitively knew I was dragging some heavy-weight baggage around with me, and for the love of chocolate, I couldn’t shake it off. At the time, I had little awareness of what ‘it‘ was, and as I educated myself over a period of years, it finally dawned on me, that my ‘it‘ was karma.

I took the teaching advice, and voided my karma. I did it in the park, and that was about as much ceremony as I gave this profound event. It went something like this, ‘Dear Spirit, I choose to void my karma, I’m ready, go for it!‘. For the next three months, I experienced all manner of strangeness, which signalled that change was afoot. It is impossible to give you the full outcome of this event in a single post, and those of you who choose to follow us on Woo Woo, will get the full low-down in time, but I have to tell you this; I have a different job (that I love), I’m living in a different city (that I love), and I’m in a completely different relationship (and omg I love this the best). My quality of life has moved forward exponentially, I found my guru, and creativity is flowing like never before. I know what you’re thinking, this all sounds too good to be true? You’re not wrong. There are some things I had to deal with. First came the disruption. All that fabulous change means change. And pretty much everything changed in the space of approximately two years, plus one year in recovery. This sounds like a long time, but trust me, it isn’t. It was like walking on quick sand. Everything was moving so fast it made my head spin. There were days where I just didn’t cope at all, and had to ask Spirit to slow it down and give me some support.

Which brings me to the second point, the emotional upheaval. No matter how much we acknowledge that change is necessary, when karmic bonds with individuals drop away, we are left to deal with attachment issues, and that’s not pretty. And on the subject of doors closing on relationships, be prepared that some of them may be, and are likely to be family, and these can be the hardest of all.

The thing about these new tools are that they are indeed powerful, they empower us to be much more selective about how we expend our energy, and who with. However, there is work involved, particularly in the post-fallout, so have your rubber gloves at the ready to clean away the debris of our old life. So post-post-fallout, would I recommend karma voiding? Are you kidding? Go for it!