What does it mean to be an old soul? How do we know we are? What difference does it make to us, or anyone else for that matter? When we find ourselves asking questions that few others ask (for now), it raises even more questions, like why isn’t anyone else talking about this?

Of course, there are lots of us openly questioning our very nature, and the nature of our reality, however, we are a disparate group, scattered all over the world, often isolated by cultural differences & language barriers, spinning in our own personal worlds of wonderment. Our numbers are infinitesimal, relative to the 6 billion people on our blue planet, and yet we are a growing group; one by one by one, our ancient memories are being triggered by dreams, emotions, conversations, books, workshops, even the breeze in the trees. The Mind Body Spirit movement is testament to the prevailing shift in our consciousness, but where do we find the genuine esoteric information to nourish our ancient souls, heal our hearts, and assist us in remembering? We’re not called seekers by random fluke, we’re a persistent bunch.

What is the significance of experiencing a profound insight? What do we do with this information? Do we share it, in the hope that others have similar pieces to the life puzzle? Or do we sit on our hands? We go about our daily lives fending for ourselves, more than a full-time job for most of us. How many of us make the time to ask what we’re doing here in the first place? What is the real significance of right here, right now?