Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka

There is something profound and utterly significant going on right now, and arguably since 1987’s  Harmonic Convergence, the human being, and our planet, is shifting, graduating to higher states of consciousness. This is the most exciting thing to happen to humanity since our inception, and frankly, we really want to roll around in the hay on this one, because it doesn’t get any better than whats going on right now.

Sources of information for the specifics are abundant, and we highly recommend Kryon’s teaching for in-depth insight of the highest calibre and integrity. The WooWoo Press is here to Woo you in an alternative way, we’re hear to discuss the many relevant streams of new information, and what it means to live as a human being during The Shift, from a human point of view (WooWoo wink). For those of us that are actively seeking enlightenment, this is a portal to the potential possibilities we are learning to understand, and about our honest-to-goodness everyday experiences as we grapple with new concepts and multi-dimensional information.